Sting Gold Rush

Sting Gold Rush

Beer type:
Energy Drinks
United States
Sting Gold Rush

Sting – Life Switched On

STING is the first delicious, flavored energy drink and affordable from Pepsico that  provide hardworking individuals with energy to get you going through the day. It sharpens the mind and body to endure any situation and power up your day to become fresher.

STING captures all the essential pick-me-up qualities... and delivers them to you with refreshingly delicious taste. Whether you’re after a boost in the morning, a midafternoon. Wake-up call or the ‘catapult me vertically’ for physical or mental recharge.

STING Provides You With The Boost And Recharge

To Put A Spin On Your Every Day.



Carbonated water, Sugar, Artificial flavor, Taurine, Acidity regulatory, Caffeine, Inositol, Vitamin Premixed, Artificial Color, Ginseng powder and Espresso