Winning with team based performance

We are launching the 3A in Cambodia

(Quote:  Michael Norgaard  Jensen, Managing Director, Carlsberg Cambodia)


“The 3A mindset – Alignment, Accountability and Action – is a critical enabler for us to ACCELERATE TOGETHER globally and locally, this is ever more important for our colleagues at Cambrew as we are relaunching our Angkor Beer, a major milestone in our transformation journey to reclaim our rightful position as a leading brewer in Cambodia.


The 3A principles have been guiding our winning behaviors at Carlsberg, and it’s now especially essential for us at Cambrew to whole-heartedly embrace them and bring them to life in everything we do, and by so doing, foster a team-based high performance culture in the company, which in turn, will help us deliver together as ONE team a lot of great accomplishments, including but not limited to a successful relaunch of our flagship Angkor Beer.”


At Carlsberg, we want to foster a team-based performance culture that everyone is committed to making Carlsberg the most successful, most professional and most attractive brewer in our markets.


We are ONE team with ONE common goal, so each of us at Cambrew helps shape the company culture through our actions and behaviours. And we do so by embracing the Carlsberg 3A mindset (Alignment, Accountability and Action) in our day-to-day work. The 3A mindset is a critical enabler for us to deliver results together for our SAIL’22 journey.




Getting to know the 3A


Alignment, Accountability and Action are relevant to everyone in the company, and will enable us to act as ONE performance driven team. We have 3 ‘encourage’ and 3 ‘discourage’ behaviour examples that give transparency and further guidance to all employees on how to truly live the 3A.


To help our employees better understand the 3A, an onboarding session will be organized at Cambrew in September. Please stay tuned for more details. Let’s embrace the 3A to build a team based performance culture, and accelerate together!