Utility Engineer

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Position Title: Utility Engineer

Department: Maintenance & Utility

Reporting line: Utility Manager/ Area Responsible/ Line Responsible

Number of direct reports: /

Strategic purpose of the position: Implementation of effective utility operation in order to ensure required plant performance


Core Responsibilities:


  • Always work with 5 lifesaving rules
  • Understand and apply process flow for working heights, hot work, confined space permit during work 
  • Basic environmental and chemical safety handling 
  • Member for LOTO activities and involves other safety activities 
  • Report any near miss and safety concern (personal KPI) 
  • Weekly LTA sharing with staffs and follow safety culture


  • Ensure ownership and responsible for plant utility equipment example power generator, process cooling plant, boiler, compressed air, CO2 recovery plant and wastewater plant
  • Understand Utility KPI example Water, Energy, Electricity and CO2 cost within agreed target 
  • Follow utility COM on daily work operational with effective way
  • Record and review daily operational parameter, consumption of chemical and efficiency of plant 
  • Engagement & support in any production line issues 
  • Execute daily task from line responsible 
  • Execute PM work order 
  • Attend any daily, weekly or monthly utility meeting if required 
  • Attend utility PMS meeting and escalate any operational or maintenance issue if required 
  • Discuss with line responsible for manpower planning 
  • Involvement in overhaul plan activities 
  • Follow up with shift-based operator for any machine issues 
  • Management of maintenance data included PM, CM, BM and TBM
  •  Follow work instruction (WI) within WO/SOP 
  • Ensure spare parts cost allocation fully utilized
  •  Ensure that WO completion within time frame 
  • Attend any troubleshooting or emergency breakdown even off shift
  • Proper maintain of all equipment documents included technical manual, electrical drawing and spare part
  • Spare part planning and review any critical part with storekeeper 
  • Communicate with contractor and 3P maintenance providers


  • Understanding HACCP process and food safety risk 
  • Practice GMP 
  • Apply toolbox hygiene standards and workshop area cleanliness 
  • Support QC for quality activities


  • Ensure utility reports are proper record 
  • Ensure accurate calculation of utility KPIs
  • Ensures work order completion and accurate of information 
  • Ensures CM & BM are updates with WO system 
  • Raise any part broken and defective to line responsible

Improvement and problem Solving

  • Ensures ideas improvement are captures following job completion 
  • Reviews improvement ideas with maintenance team 
  • Incorporated new ideas into work instruction 
  • Participating in various maintenance improvement project based on Lean TPM 
  • Drive the implementation of Lead TPM activities example 5S, PMS and problem solving, Gemba Kaizen
  • Support operator and maintenance for AM and PM activities

Professional qualification and competencies:

  • Driving for results 
  • Analytical thinking 
  • Cross team interacting


Educational / minimum requirements:

  • Technical diploma 
  • 1-3 years’ experience within a manufacturing/ maintenance environment.
  • Experience of operate and maintenance of utility plant equipment



This Job Description (JD) specifies the Employee’s duties and responsibilities and shall be considered a dynamic document. Thus, the JD may at any time, and without notification, be altered unilaterally by the Company, within the applicable limits of such alterations.